No Hat Required

by Mike Herman

Released 2009
Catskill Creek Music
Released 2009
Catskill Creek Music
A perfect blend of his musical influences including acoustic fingerstyle blues, old-timey and ragtime ~ along with a voice that makes you want to stay to listen to at least one more.
Since his decision to follow his own path and “go solo,” Mike Herman has been a busy man between performing, writing songs, recording, and still after 15 years, offering guitar
The 15 plus year finger-style guitarist in the regional acoustic blues duo ‘The Hell Hounds,’ Mike decided to give a solo act a go after a brief lived stint with the five piece bluegrass band ‘Aurora North Catskill Mt. Bluegrass.’ It was while playing with the bluegrass
band that Mike found his voice.
One night, after recording Aurora North and the other band members had left, good friend and recording engineer Jim Averna said to Mike “go ahead – sing one – let me see what kind of sound we can get.”
The very next day, Jim dropped off a cd at Mike’s house, and for the first time - Mike heard his voice recorded – solo – on cd.
Once the voice was found, the pen flew. Mike had written “Lorna Lee” while still playing in The Hell Hounds. Suddenly – the marriage of words and music took off like a forest fire! “Oak Tree” speaks of the strength and determination his mother has while braving her battle with cancer. Sometimes, just a line from a friend while in conversation offers the starting point for an inspiration that’s been brewing in his head. Mike thanks friend Al for the reminder that, regardless of what life dishes out, “You gotta keep on keepin’ on,” and friend Lorraine for the cue of a turned blind eye with “the fiddler fiddles as Rome burns.” “Catskill Mt. Home” speaks to any and all who have ever had the desire to live the peaceful country life while calling the Catskill Mountains their home.
Mike’s first solo cd, “So-Lo,” treats the listener to a pleasing blend of 12 tunes, nine of which are self-penned by Mike. He has skillfully taken his myriad of musical influences, including blues, bluegrass, rag-time, and old-timey, and blended them into a musical creation
uniquely his own.
In January 2009, friend and recording engineer Mykl recorded Mike at Fernando’s Lounge in Cobleskill, NY. The result is a live recording titled “No Hat Required.” This cd showcases the raw and pure version of Mike,highlighting his talent and appreciation of the styles of music he chooses to keep alive. Once again, Mike’s originals on this recording speak of real life and today’s living. “Oh Papa Don’t You Cry” speaks volumes regarding the economic
situation our Country is in and the losses so many have suffered. The devastation of the mid-west floods and the strength of those determined to persevere is written in song with “Hadda Leave Home.” This CD has 11 tracks, and has a lively, energetic variety for the listener. From
Mykl “…the traditional sounds of the old masters resulting in an unaffected and powerful demonstration of his love of acoustic finger-style blues.”

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